As we plan each destination wedding in Kefalonia our main goal is to create a unique and unforgettable wedding day, as the couple had dreamt about it! We love finding the most unique locations and creating stunning ceremonies, using our passion for creativity and our attention to detail!
The options for a stunning destination wedding in Kefalonia are limitless and below you will find only a few of the wedding styles that we provide. Keep in mind that we offer the flexibility for your wedding to be held anywhere you can imagine… on the beach, in an olive grove, in a forest, on a yacht, by the pool with breathtaking sea view, at a luxurious villa, by a lake; realistically anywhere you wish!
Taking into consideration each couple’s preferences we suggest the ideal locations of different aesthetic among the island for a unique ceremony and reception. Whether you prefer a small romantic wedding or a large luxurious wedding reception, your wedding in Kefalonia will be remembered for its beauty and elegance!

Beach Wedding

Kefalonia offers plenty of stunning beaches to choose from. You can have a lovely ceremony next to crystal clear blue waters as the sunset colors create a magical atmosphere. We would be glad to help you choose the right beach for you, or we can arrange the wedding at a beach that you have already chosen on your own. We will take care of every detail, such as guests’ transportation, seat arrangement, decoration, privacy etc. Check our beach gallery to get inspired!
As for the wedding reception, you can have it at one of the venues that cooperate with us.

Hotel Wedding

We are happy to cooperate with a variety of 5 and 4 star hotels located on breathtaking places around the island. They all have been carefully selected for their excellent quality and value for money. There is a great variety of different types of hotels such as spa, boutique, contemporary etc, so feel free to choose the one that is suited for you and your dream wedding.
We can arrange your whole wedding there – accommodation, ceremony and reception – or just the reception, the choice is yours! We assure you that every hotel has the facilities to organize any kind of wedding, no matter how big or small. Apart from us, the hotels’ staff will be at your service so that everything goes as planned.
The excellent service, the great facilities, the perfect organization and the warm Greek hospitality are guaranteed. Just make sure to book your wedding early to avoid any inconvenience.
Keep in mind that we are willing to arrange your wedding at any other hotel you have in mind.
Take a look at the hotels.

Traditional Greek Chapel Wedding

Kefalonia offers plenty of lovely chapels to choose from. Located in picturesque and romantic settings, with spectacular views, they are adequate for an outdoor traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony. We can take care of the decoration that you like, the seat arrangement, the transportation, the documentation and every other detail.
As for the wedding reception afterwards, you can choose one of the local venues, taverns and restaurants that cooperate with us.

Villa Wedding

A wedding in a villa offers privacy and incredible flexibility for a more relaxed event, with intimate settings for the ceremony, music, wedding meal, and after dinner events. We offer a wide spectrum of spacious and luxurious villas to choose from, located on the most unique places of the island. Villas that can make your special day a remarkable experience for everyone and can accommodate the two of you, your immediate family members or the entire wedding party!
Contact us to discuss the type of villa that you prefer, the location, the facilities that you wish to have and every other detail, such us catering service, music, flowers, budget standards, etc.

Countryside Wedding

Located in a twenty acres olive grove, Gentiliny Retreat offers tranquility, privacy and relaxation. You can enjoy the pool under the shadows of ancient olive trees, or take a walk at the nearby cypress hill. Gentilini retreat offers hospitality for up to twelve guests in its sophisticated and uniquely decorated rooms. Also, the retreat is located close to lovely beaches and the capital of the island, Argostoli.
The natural scenery with the olive trees, the herbs, the wells and the vineyards is idyllic for a –close to nature- wedding ceremony and reception.

Winery Wedding

In every wedding there is plenty of wine, so why not having your wedding reception in a traditional winery?
Robola Cooperative has a history of more than thirty years in making fine tasting wines – some of them worldwide known, such as Robola Wine. The winery offers facilities for any type of wedding, large or small, featuring a beautifully landscaped lawn for outdoor weddings. The view of the surrounding countryside with numerous vineyards suits perfectly to a wine themed wedding.

Yacht Wedding

A yacht is a symbol for exclusivity, romantic hideaways and adventurous people. It is also a unique and atmospheric place for a wedding. You can exchange vows onboard, among the people you love, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Afterwards, you and your guests can enjoy a small sailing cruise with cocktails and champagne. As for the wedding meal, the options are limitless.