Do we need a wedding planner in order to get married in Kefalonia?

No, you don’t need. But having a wedding planner makes the whole process much easier and stress free. Myrtian Blue LTD is based on the island and is capable of dealing with all the necessary paper work and any other arrangement (city hall, venue, flowers, music, etc).

How long do we have to be in Kefalonia before the wedding date?

You will have to be on the island 8 days before the wedding date.

Will our wedding be legal in our country?

Yes, but first you have to translate the Greek marriage certificates into your native language once you return home and then register the wedding at your country.

When do we need to book our wedding?

Some of the venues on the island are pretty popular for wedding receptions and are booked 8 to 12 months before the wedding date. We advise you to book your date as soon as possible to avoid any dissapointment.

We are looking for a wedding with no guests, can you arrange witnesses for us?

Of course we can provide two witnesses for your wedding.

Can we have our own wedding style apart from those that Myrtian Blue offers?

Yes, you can have the unique wedding of your dreams and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Can we use our own photographer or any other supplies?

You can use your own photographer but we cannot guarantee the perfect standard of your wedding if we do not have a close working experience with the suppliers used. You can also bring any supplies that you have available.

Can you arrange accommodation in Kefalonia for us and for our guests?

Yes, we have plenty of contacts on the island that offer us special deals.


Please contact us if you have any other questions.